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Instantly add a Signature Program to your Health Practice with this Done-For-You Secret Weapon

Offer A Signature Detox Program & Quickly
WOW Your Patients With Immediate Results while adding 4- to 5-figures to your annual revenue

Imagine your business offered a program that gave instant results to your new clients, re-engaged your old clients and increased your income like, “Whoa!”

Does this sound like you?
  • Despite stellar qualifications you’re left wondering, “Is it me?” as the reason why your appointment calendar isn’t fully booked.
  • Your #hustling all the time to get in front of people, but the returns for your efforts are just NOT there. Nobody is booking in.
  • You’re overwhelmed by all the “busy work” in your practice.
  • You’re starting to forget the reason why you became a healthcare practitioner to begin with.
  • You’re losing your motivation to build your practice.
  • You’re angry that you weren’t properly trained on how to run your business in school.
  • You might be wondering, “How much longer should I keep going….?”
Did you raise your hand to any (or all) of the above?
If so, this program will help you create a signature program in 48hours or less!
The truth is, nothing changes if you change nothing.
So, to put it bluntly, if you want to create a business & a life that you’ve dreamed of, and help as many people as you can in the process… then you need to change SOMETHING than what you’ve been doing already.


Enough stalled growth already…
Let’s Make sure you dominate in your practice.

  • Dramatically change the course of your business in less that 24 hours. You’ll now have an immediate solution to offer your clients, and afterwards they will be singing your praises about their results!
  • Authentically stand out above the noise. You become that person who give your client EXACTLY what she needed, when no one else could. Referrals start to flow easily as do repeat customers!
  • Feel confident in your strategy. No more second guessing or wondering “what to do next” with your clients. You know that with this program, you’ve got something that is FAST and EFFECTIVE and you can build a database of results and testimonials to prove it!
  • Feel relief because NOW you’ve got something to tweet about. Leverage this program as the basis to all of your social media posts and videos. Everything can funnel back to getting clients into your business.


I want to introduce you to my secret weapon, my totally Done-For-You 7 Day Detox Program

This program is 100% plug-n-play. From how to launch it in your business, to how to promote it 

This is the exact program that over 300 of my patients have completed — the program that, on it’s own, has generated over $60,000 in direct revenues and easily over $20,000 in residual income alone.


Here’s How To Use My Secret Weapon To Fill Your Practice:


Get Access To The 7 Day Detox Program


Download & Familiarize Yourself With The Program Materials


Start Advertising & Enrolling Patients Into The Program


7 Day Detox Program

Here’s what some of my patients have had to say about the 7-Day Detox Program

(Initials only used for confidentiality reasons)

What would these kind of testimonials do for your practice?


I am a practicing naturopathic doctor, author, and business mentor. I believe running the business side of your clinic should be just as exciting and rewarding as helping your patients is. Since graduating as a Naturopathic Doctor in 2012, I’ve built 3 successful clinics from the ground up and am making six (almost seven) figures annually. In fact, I LOVE the business side of health and wellness practices so much, I started helping my colleagues grow their practice and duplicate my results!

So, whether you are just starting out, have been struggling to find success in your practice, or are already successful and looking to grow – I’m here to help!

That’s why I created this completely done-for-you 7 Day Detox Program. It’s 100% plug-and-play! It’s the program I wish I had in my pocket when I started practice. Now, it’s all ready for you.

Are you ready to stop #hustling and start Treating Patients Yet?

The truth is, if you know you offer a valuable service, but your appointment book is wide open despite all the marketing you’ve done so far, there is good news and bad news.

The bad news? You’ve got a poor patient retention strategy and a broken re-booking pathway. So your patients get some initial results but think that’s all you can offer them, so they move on the the next practitioner.

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So, What Do You Get With The Program?

  • Lifetime Access to All Downloads and Support Videos + Extra Support in Our Private Facebook Group
  • A Quick Start and Implementation Guide for you (The Practitioner) – This guide will give you step-by-step instructions on what the program is about. Any health condition you are facing, I have clearly laid out exactly how to put together the program for that individual, with what products and at what dosage. It is so done-for-you that you can have all of the marketing material self-branded and ready to launch in 24 hours.
  • Every Patient E-mail For The Program Pre-Written For You – This includes a Welcome Letter, a Grocery List, a Recipe e-Book and a Patient Health Tracker Template for your patient’s to follow all week long. Every hand out comes with a completed example or a template made in MS Word so you can use them 100% as is, add your logo or adapt it how you see fit.
  • Complete Set of Patient Handouts – Now I can’t take all the credit. All recipes were created by my dear friend Samantha Gladish, Holistic Nutritionist. My patients have just loved them. The Zucchini Chip recipe alone is the highlight of most people’s weeks. All of the recipes included are quick and easy to make. Patient’s love this done for you meal plan, no thinking means no cheating.
  • Beautiful (& Delicious) Recipe eBook To Guide Patients For The Week – I have 8 written-for-you emails that you can load into your autoresponders and send to your patients. Load it once. Set it and forget it. There is no need to change any of the wording. It is 100% ready to go. Anything you add, i.e. a video or personal story, it a bonus.

Get Access & Start Building Your Practice Today

7 Day Detox Program Image

$147 CAD

  • Lifetime Access to All Downloads and Support Videos
  • Includes ongoing access to future updates of the program
  • Extra implementation support in our private facebook group