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Hi, I’m Dr. Andrea Maxim

I am a practicing naturopathic doctor, author, and business mentor. I believe running the business side of your clinic should be just as exciting and rewarding as helping your patients is. Since graduating as a Naturopathic Doctor in 2012, I’ve built 3 successful clinics from the ground up and am making six (almost seven!) figures annually. In fact, I LOVE the business side of health and wellness practices so much, I started helping my colleagues grow their practices and duplicate my results!

So, whether you are just starting out, have been struggling to find success in your practice, or are already successful and looking to grow – I’m here to help!

That’s why I created these free GAME PLAN sessions – 30 mins for you and I to hash out the next right step for your practice together. If you are ready to get your practice operating in the black, take home a decent income, and grow it to six figures and beyond, book a call!