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A Done-For-You Weight Loss Challenge Email Series

In 24 hours, you can have a complete mini-program/free challenge opt-in or weight loss support program implemented in your business
Easy enough to plug and play or brand everything with your own logo.
Let this help you grow your practice, expand your reach and serve more patients

Are Your Clients/Patients Asking For Weight Loss Support And You’re Feeling Unprepared?

No time to create all the trainings, handouts, emails for an in-office or online program?

You’ve been wanting to create a program to sell online but didn’t know where to start?

You’ve been wanting to have a high-quality lead magnet to attract more patients?

Unsure if it’s worth all the effort? (Hint: It is!)

Did you raise your hand to any (or all) of the above?
If so, this done-for-you program will help you have a weight loss program you can offer to your patients in person or online within just a couple of days. You’ll even have patients booking in as a result, because this program is designed to sell them what they want but GIVE THEM WHAT THEY NEED!

Here’s How To Get A Weight Loss SOlution Up and Running … And Fill Your Practice QUICKLY


Get Access To The “Done-For-You 2 Week Beach Body Challenge”


Download Your Materials and Copy & Paste into your CRM


Start Advertising & Enrolling Patients Into Your Practice


I am a practicing naturopathic doctor, author, and business mentor. I believe running the business side of your clinic should be just as exciting and rewarding as helping your patients is. Since graduating as a Naturopathic Doctor in 2012, I’ve built 3 successful clinics from the ground up and am making six (almost seven) figures annually. In fact, I LOVE the business side of health and wellness practices so much, I started helping my colleagues grow their practice and duplicate my results!

So, whether you are just starting out, have been struggling to find success in your practice, or are already successful and looking to grow – I’m here to help!

That’s why I created this “Done-For-You 2 Week Beach Body Challenge” downloadable, brandable wellness program for you. A weight loss solution for patients in your practice is a MUST. This program has all the content for it I wish I had access to when I started practice. Now, it’s all ready for you.

Are you ready to stop resisting “weight loss” and start meeting patients where they are at yet?

I know and you know, you offer a valuable service, BUT your appointment book is not as full as you’d like it to be, and your patients are getting lost to follow up, there is good news and bad news.

The bad news? You’re disappointing your new patients by not addressing their request (and need) for weight loss support. AND ultimately, they move on to someone who does get them these results.


What Downloads Do I Get Access To?

  • 2 Week Beach Body Challenge – Program Outline (For Practitioner)
  • 2 Week Beach Body Challenge – Implementation Guide (For Practitioner)
  • 2 Week Beach Body Challenge – Launch Calendar
  • 2 Week Beach Body Challenge – Tech Checklist
  • 2 Week Beach Body Challenge – Sales Email Templates
  • 2 Week Beach Body Challenge – Daily Program Emails Templates
  • 2 Week Beach Body Challenge – Meal Plan Template (Week 1)
  • 2 Week Beach Body Challenge – Meal Plan Template (Week 2)
  • FREE_Image_Bundle.zip


Get Access To Now, Start Helping People Tomorrow

$97 CAD

  • Lifetime access to all program materials
  • We even include ongoing access to all future updates of the program