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it's time that you got noticed! are you ready to streamline your messaging AND SIMPLIFY YOUR BUSINESS WITH A BRANDED PROTOCOL?

If you’re experiencing any of the following:

  • You’ve been posting on social media almost daily without even a 10% growth in engagement
  • If 70% or more of your content is “How To” or “Value-Based” (infographic or Top 3 Things for XYZ)¬†
  • Or if you feel like you’re giving your patients/clients a ton of value but you’re still not seeing growth in sales in the past 3 months

If you’re experiencing even ONE of these things, then I guarantee that you are doing one or more of the following: You’re approaching posting on social media as a “To Do” and not using it as a legit growth strategy, 70% or more of your content is “How To” or “Value-Based” (infographic or Top 3 Things for XYZ) so it blends in with everyone else’s, and with the patients/clients you do see, you’re creating a new treatment plan every.single.time which is starting to burn you out…

…. Am I right? Are you doing at least ONE of those things?

Then it is absolutely time that you STOP blending in by doing what all of the other practitioners out there are doing, and DOMINATE in the space that YOU CREATE simply by creating your very own BRANDED PROTOCOL and really leaning into the exact audience who wants it….

HINT: That audience was you 5 years ago, so you know them perfectly ūüėČ

Ready to get started??


Don’t wait for that “moment when it all clicks” to happen.

The problem is not that you aren’t working hard, the problem is that you’ve been working hard to blend in.¬†

Together, we’re going to pop the “Practitioner Bubble” that is keeping you playing safe and small (and maybe even scared to make a move in your business that could get ‘red flagged’)

The NEW WAY of MESSAGING is NOW and it all starts with a BRANDED PROTOCOL and a UNIQUE PLATFORM.

This NEW WAY will help you create your very own niche. A niche that no one can touch you with because it’s made up of people who you LOVE to treat. They’re just like you – same morals and values – and are already bought in before they book!

The NEW WAY will give your business SIMPLICITY and CONSISTENCY. It will prove to your patients/clients that you are the AUTHORITY and you have the ANSWERS they are looking for.

Over the next few weeks, I will show you how we created our branded protocol, how we use it in practice and how it has single-handedly allowed me to duplicate myself across three different practices, without tripling my time.

I want you to implement this system NOW…

On the next page, I will share the link to our private Facebook Group where the MAGIC is already happening!

We’re going LIVE on August 24th at 12pmEST

Hosted by Dr. Andrea Maxim, ND
Business Coach to Health & Wellness Practitioners
Six-Figure Entrepreneur with 3 Practice Locations