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Immediate Access to Our Entire Time

Project Manager, web designer, graphic designer, social media automation, video editor, logo and re-brand designer, CRM (e-mail software) manager, etc.

Live Mentorship with Me!

Together, you and I will brainstorm and mastermind those big projects that you want to get done and how to show up to your business like a CEO you’ve always dreamed of being!

Anything You Dream Of, We Can Make It Possible

We have created everything from logo re-branding, to webpage copywriting overhauls, to creating programs from scratch and actually getting them launched!


OMG! Yes! All You Want To Do Is Treat People. You’re So Sick and Tired of Being Dragged Down by the “Clicky Work”. You Just Want to Start Enjoying Practice Again!

You know you chose this profession for a reason, but THIS is not what you signed up for?! You also know that if you could just whittle down your To Do list a heck of a lot faster, you’d feel less stressed all the time and actually see the growth you deserve. But how?! What do I do first?! Where do I put my focus?! Well, you can continue to do everything half fast (if at all) or you can let Jesus take the Wheel (love me some Carrie!) and start delegating it out like a mad person! (BONUS: Without having to hire a VA or personal assistant yourself!)

Let Me Show You Behind the Scenes What Our Elite Level Members Get!

All Elite Level Members get immediate access to the MAXIMized Practitioner Program ($1497 VALUE) or all current MPP members receive their purchase of the program as a one-time discount towards the Elite Program


Here’s Just a Few of The Projects Completed for Our Elite Members

Promotional Materials

We help create their signature programs and the marketing materials that go with it! Rack Cards, brochures, postcards, business cards, we have created them all! 

Lead Magnets and PDF Handouts

Really wow your potential patients/clients with professional looking handouts AND up-level your programs with gorgeous handouts

Email Creation, Funnels and Launches

We have used many of the different platforms out there (Active Campaign, Constant Contact, Mail Chimp) and have successful set up Welcome Sequences, Newsletter Sequences, Launch/Selling Sequences with massive ROIs.

Video Editing and Promo

We can’t film the videos for you, but we help with the content, the editing and the promotion

MAXIMize Your Messaging

We help you stand out with your copywriting on your website, sales pages and on social media. Without a strong message that represents you as an individual, you easily drown out in the crowd. NOT our Elite members.

Strategize Your Systems to Scale

Together we will create a turnkey system to your business. We will strategize your programs, promotions, launches and even get down to the nitty day-to-day functions to reduce expenses and MAXIMize your profits. We have helps our members hire on help, manage their dispensary and merge from offline to online.

Personal Brand or Program Logo Design

Nothing sets you apart better than an updated branded logo for your business and your uniquely branded program!

Live or Evergreen Webinar Content

We have helped our members go from never selling anything online to selling multiple times a month (Services, Programs, Coaching, etc.). We help create the slide deck, graphics and promotion.

Social Media Posting

We have pages of templates for your posts. We have created branded graphics. And our team will auto-schedule all of your posts and make sure they help spread your message to the masses! We even set up and run your FB ads.

Here’s A Few of the Most Common FAQs

Katey Shanahan

Having the Master Client Service Agreement in my hands gave me the confidence to double my rate today when I sent an invitation to a potential new client. I almost threw up hitting the send button, but she already accepted my offer and is going to start working with me right away!

Shea Keats

I’m loving the Unf*ckwithable Contracts kit! I submitted the Master Client Services Agreement to two separate clients and they were both “very impressed with the level of professionalism.” Thanks for making this available!

Josh Garofalo

Bought the kit. Tailored the Master Client Service Agreement to my biz and uploaded it into my proposal software. Sent it off to a prospect along with a $10,000 quote for a copy project. Deal closed. Money paid. We’re batting 1,000 so far, Ash!

Gretchen Asher

I bought your contracts package back in June and am now ready to customize them for my use. I went through the trainings for the docs and MUST say, OMFG! Thank you! I will be meeting with an attorney in my state for a review of my final docs. Gurl, you have saved me thousands of dollars because I’m going to take my draft docs into my attorney for a look-see. Woohoo! Love ya, you badass bitch!!!

Cara Stein

The Unf*ckwithable Contracts kit is fucking great. I’ve used the Master Client Service Agreement with three clients already, including additional Statements of Work for follow-on work. Beautiful! Glorious! So much better than having to do a new contract every time!

Rose Womelsdorf

I love the Master Client Service Agreement and Statement of Work. Your explanations made all that legalese a total breeze.

Annie Von Essen

Can I just say thank you so f*cking much for this kit!!! Holy smokes! I am just getting ready to update a contract with a long-term client and this kit is immediately helping me out!

Aqila Shah

Can I just say thank you so f*cking much for this kit!!! Holy smokes! I am just getting ready to update a contract with a long-term client and this kit is immediately helping me out!

Mindi Ridgeway

Thank you so much for knowing exactly what a budding business needs. Love your style, love the kit, love your words, love all of it!

Karen McRae

I’m reading through the Master Service Client Agreement and accompanying Statement of Work and fuck, I love it. I feel so relieved to have it; thank you!

Cade Booth

I FREAKING LOVE THIS KIT! I am going to change all my clients over from the crappy letter of engagement that my amateur-ass drafted over to these contracts. SUPER excited!!

Taylor Campbell

I love it! This kit is phenomenal. Thank you for creating it; it’s already added so much value to my business.

April Gutierrez

I’m LOVING this kit! I’ve had my business for two years, and I wish this was in my back pocket from day one. The knowledge alone was worth every penny—I can’t thank you enough.

Annie Kip 

I love this kit. Within days I already put these agreements into use—and it just makes me feel good, knowing it’s there when I need it.

Rebecca Morgan

These contracts are great! Just what I needed. I’d been putting off finding a contract and was going to google and piece something together… but you gave me something I am confident and comfortable with. Thank you!

Donna Brewster

I am blown away. Still working my way through it all, but it is freakin’ awesome! I made a great investment—thank you!

Angela Allan

I love this kit! It’s been so helpful. I’m putting everything in my arsenal to be unfuckwithable! Thank you so much for your insights.

Jill Sadler

I just want to again thank you for your *ROCKSTAR* contracts. OMG!!! They are SO amazing. I really can’t thank you enough for offering this at such a generous price to help me get my business start-up legal confusion under wraps. Thank you SO MUCH!!!!!

Brogan Micallef

I’m LOVIN’ the Master Client Service Agreement + Statement of Work—I feel like a BOSS when I send it out. I really love the descriptions you have on the side (so the lawyer talk makes sense)—it’s kind of blowing my mind how much value you’ve packed into this kit!

Nicole Evans

Shout out to Ash and this kit, which I’m already putting to use. I just got asked for a Statement of Work and was about to fire up Google until I remembered I had this bad boy sitting on my laptop. And sure enough, I found one sitting right there, ready for me to fill out. I feel so prepared!

Steph Azam

I’m so glad I bought this kit. I’m FINALLY understanding contracts and all that jazz. It’s written in such a fun and digestible way!

Bill Laurienti

Now that I understand the relationship between the Statement of Work and Master Client Service Agreement, I’ve been able to streamline and automate my business already. It’s so nice.



  • Immediate Access to the MAXIMized Practitioner Program ($1497 Value) or One-Time Discount if a Current Member
  • A minimum of 1-3 months of unlimited service with me and my entire team
  • 2 x 30min 1:1 mentorship/strategy calls with me
  • Weekly project calls with my Project Manager (if needed)
  • Your dream projects done in an instant!

If Red Bull Gives You Wings, This Program Gives You Power.

Go ahead: Delegate Like a Boss. Hand Over Your List. Get Massive Sh*t Done. Show up in a massive way. Embrace your value. Kill your imposter syndrome. Engage more Consistently Than Ever Before. Book Up Your Schedule. Dazzle Your Audience With Your Magic. Finally Show Up To Your Business As a MAXIMized Practitioner CEO. Just imagine what your life (and business) would be running like if you finally started taking serious action… Think of us as Your “Easy Button”… all you have to do now is click!