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Hi, I’m Dr. Andrea Maxim, ND! I’ve been helping practitioner, just like YOU, create their UNIQUE BRANDED MESSAGE, get their message actually HEARD by their ideal patients/clients, and create a SIMPLIFIED business structure that offers them both financial and TIME freedom.

Stop Overwhelm

Clarify your MESSAGE on social media and email so people actually RESPOND, FIX the areas of your business that are BROKEN, SIMPLIFY your business structure, and set it all to AUTOPILOT

Get It Done

You are actually MORE than capable to get your entire TO DO list to D.O.N.E. you just need a little help putting the blinders on to those shiny objects and the PROVEN 1-90-30-7-1 strategy we’ve used to grow to multiple 6-figures.

Watch It Grow

SCALING becomes easy when you have your UNIQUE BRANDED METHODOLOGY, you’re actually becoming KNOWN for what you LOVE to treat and all the SYSTEMS on the backend are running like a well oiled machine!

Are You Struggling With The Business Side Of Your Practice?

  • Having trouble getting new patients in the door?
  • Wondering why your current patients are ghosting you on follow up?
  • Staying at the clinic late most days of the week just to get it all done?
  • Dreaming of the day you’ll have staff to help you with all the tasks?
  • Doubting yourself and wondering whether you should just quit and get a job somewhere?
  • Have you tried everything you can think of to grow your practice and it’s still not working?
  • Feeling worn out (even starting to resent) your supposed dream job?

Search our 100+ episodes to get your practice building questions answered now >>

Andrea Maxim, NDBusiness Coach To Health & Wellness Practitioners

I understand what it’s like to go through the transition from student to practitioner… and from practitioner to business owner too! In fact, I have overcome the same challenges myself as a practicing ND building my clientele at 3 clinics (one of which I own and operate) from the ground up. Now, in addition to seeing patients, I run these practices and have hired staff and expanded my practitioner team to help serve our growing patient roster. Through my MAXIMized Practitioner trainings I help hundreds of my colleagues do the same. Read More >>

Dr. Andrea Maxim, ND | CEO MAXIMized Business

Discover how the MAXIMized Practitioner Method has helped
practitioners like you grow and love their practice.

How many new patients will you miss out on?

Look, if you don’t do SOMETHING about it, you will continue to struggle through the ebbs and flows of your business. And, if you keep expecting that your clinic’s marketing will fill your appointment book, it’s probably not going to happen.

BUT, you know, if you are a unicorn and it does somehow magically happen for you, it will be too late.

Too late for you to make your bill payments on time and pay back all those loans in a reasonable timeframe.

Too late for you to continue practicing because your family is frustrated with you for struggling to make ends meet.

Too late for you to become a successful practitioner and business owner because you are burnt out from doing ALL THE THINGS.

Get Started Today

If you’re here, you’re searching for a practice building plan  specifically for health and wellness practitioners. Well… you found us! Let’s get the MAXIMized Practitioner Program working for YOU!

Step 1

Get Your $1 Game Plan

It’s almost free to reserve a 30 minute 1:1 strategy session with Dr. Andrea herself!

During your session Dr. Andrea will help you clarify your easiest and fastest practice building opportunities… AND THEN hook you up with plan of action based on what you most want to achieve.

Step 2

Get The Right Tools, Training, and Team On Your Side

When you enroll in our flagship training:
you get access to the core trainings, templates, tools of the MAXIMized Practitioner Method, and ongoing support from our team and an amazing community of successful practitioners to grow with.

Step 3

Get Building

Block out 1-2 hours each week, watch the training and get your practice building assignment for the week, get it done, AND WATCH YOUR PRACTICE GROW.

(You can even build faster with by hiring our team to do a lot of the  work for you with our ELITE membership!)

Let’s Build Your Practice

There is no time to waste, your practice will not grow unless you invest in it and yourself. It’s time to become the CEO-Practitioner you know you can be.

TOOLS (coming soon)