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How Unprepared Practitioners Are Finding The Quickest Road to Business Success That Offering Consistent Revenues and More Time Freedom

Learn How to Set Up Your Online or Offline Practice That Combines Building Your Value, Automating Your Business Systems and Growing with Your Unique Branded Marketing Strategy


MAXIMized Practitioner Handbook Right Now

Have you noticed the change happening lately?

You Know You’re Doing “All of the Right Things” and Yet Other Health & Wellness Practitioners are Growing Faster Than You?

This is what most health & wellness practitioners do, and this may be you..

They think that by signing a contract in someone else’s business, that the admin and patient flow is now hands off… letting someone else then run the most important part of your business… your patient flow and revenue.

They think that posting randomly on social media should automatically drive new patients/clients… but the content is blending in with everyone else’s. There’s nothing that’s helping them stand apart … so it’s actually becoming a time burden instead of fruit-full.

What if we could change all of that?

What if we could give you the road map that you need to:

Stop leaving money on the table?
To create the systems that plug up all of the holes currently leaking in your business?
And gave you the recipe to really brand yourself with your own unique methodology and protocol?

What if you tapped into the power of the PRACTITIONER CEO MOVEMENT that other MAXIMized Practitioners are using?

It doesn’t matter if you’re a new grad or 10+ years in practice
It doesn’t matter if you’re running an offline or an online practice

This is your opportunity to give your practice a quick overhaul and finally nail down your business strategy!



Let’s breakdown how the MAXIMized Practitioner Program Will Fix Your Business

Pillar 1

Build Your Foundational Experience
This is where we have you focus on attracting your First 100 ideal patients/clients while simultaneously building your confidence (and Value!) regarding your skills. This is the tipping point of you attracting those you LOVE to work with, building your marketing and messaging skills as well.

Pillar 2

Systemize by Building Your Key Business Essentials

Here is where you create your marketing, onboarding and internal re-sell or upsell strategy. Once these pieces are in place, suddenly running your practice becomes fun and easy again! You start to notice you have more Time Freedom and yet your business is still booking people in  and re-engaging old patients/clients.

Pillar 3

Stand Out Amongst Your Colleagues with Modernized Marketing

At this point you have the confidence in who you attract, your business is set up for limitless growth and now you’re ready to scale and GROW. Here’s where we create your unique branded methodology and now your messaging has purpose and is a direct beacon for people to work with you.




I am a naturopathic doctor managing two 6-figure clinics, author, and business mentor. I believe running the business side of your clinic should be just as exciting and rewarding as helping your patients is. Since graduating as a Naturopathic Doctor in 2012, I’ve built 3 successful clinics from the ground up and am making high six figures annually. In fact, I LOVE the business side of health and wellness practices so much, I started helping my colleagues grow their practice and duplicate my results!

So, whether you are just starting out, have been struggling to find success in your practice, or are already successful and looking to grow – I’m here to help!

That’s why I created this “MAXIMized Practitioner Handbook” for you.
We are still using every single pillar in our clinics, and have developed their success over a decade of real life implementation.  We’ve also already had tons of our MAXIMized Practitioner students go through this methodology and prove it’s success within their own businesses, whether online or offline.